Textile Industry on the Upswing

by Kevin O'Neill

After decades of plant closings the textile industry is back on the rise. The industry is on the upswing, jobs and profits are on the comeback. Behind the growth are two main trends, both involving technology.

Niche Market Automation: Vertical storage solutions allow a week’s worth of work to be pre-loaded, improving efficiencies for moving niche fabrics.

Smart Fabrics & Smarter Clothing: The evolution of apparel is now providing built in technology, such as sensors. Yarns and fabrics are now woven with metallic strips to make available wearable clothing for fitness, music and entertainment lifestyles.

The textile and apparel industry is definitely in a time of change and the upward trend could drastically impact the US economy if apparel manufacturing returns to the US.

Learn more from MHI on how these technology trends are driving industry growth.

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