Changes to SSI Products for 2021

by Kevin O'Neill

Steele Solutions is continuously looking to improve and adapt to the material handling industry’s needs and desires. Headlining the changes to SSI’s designs is the rollout of a new bolted stair design.

This unique stair design provides the most flexibility for field modifications and adjustments while allowing stream-lined installation with parts and assemblies that do not require the use of a forklift. The efficient design allows for quicker turn-around and delivery of components for providing code compliant stair access to your platform. The new stair construction is compliant with IBC egress requirements and aligned with more traditional stair construction. The guardrail components are in line with the stair stringers, and the handrails project into the stair width as allowed by code. This change in structure decreases the stairs’ overall width while still providing the required egress width for access. SSI has implemented designs for IBC round rail type stairs to be going through production by March of 2021. Plans are in the works for other rail types and OSHA constructions and should be released soon.

Also rolling out in 2021 are new framing members. The new framing members include angle joists and 8″ deep C-sections. These members may be limited in capacity but provide efficient and flexible framing opportunities for SSI engineers to customize the platform’s design while still providing a standardized solution. The 8″ C-sections will allow for increased clear height and lower deck heights, making for more efficient designs for structural members and components to access the platforms like stairs and ladders. Angle joists provide cost-effective alternatives to bulky wide flange beams for small repetitive members along long walkways and narrow platforms. Angle joists offer clean sight lines to install connections for the members themselves and hang miscellaneous lighting and piping connections.  Also, bearing lengths are larger than channels for worry-free attachment of decking and bar grating.

Stay in touch with your SSI sales and design representative for more improvements and design changes to come in 2021.



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