Back to Basics: The Terminology Needed to Succeed

Like every other industry, there is much jargon in the Material Handling and Logistics industry. Knowing the proper terms when discussing an upcoming project with potential suppliers and project managers is vital to making sure each project is a success. There is nothing worse than using the wrong terminology and then spending more time explaining a project than actually executing it.

Being Prepared for High and Low Seismic Activity

Seismic forces are used as a representation for the displacement and movement that a structure would undergo during a seismic event. The seismic forces are directly related to the height, seismic weight and number of levels of the structure. Seismic weight is determined from the dead load of the structure consisting of framing members, decking, railing and equipment securely attached to the structure.

Concrete Deck vs Steel Deck Platforms

Concrete deck is viewed by consumers as having the most flexibility to adjust equipment locations, handle large point loads, and support heavy material handling equipment such as pallet jacks and light forklifts. This may be true, however, there are drawbacks to selecting a concrete deck over a roof deck, bar grating, or floor plate system.

steel catwalks and stairs