Steel Structures for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

steel structures for wastewater treatment plantsSteele Solutions designs and fabricates steel structures, catwalks, crossovers and railing used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

We offer:

Stair Towers • Pipe Racks • Equipment Support Structures • Catwalks and Bridges • Caged Ladders

Our steel structures can be used to support:

Conveyors •  Processing Tanks • Hoppers • Blowers

Steele Solutions is a single-source supplier, saving you time and money – and alleviating project frustration. Our quotes cover engineering and fabrication of the support structure or access structure, as well as consultation and product delivery.

Our experienced engineering team can design the very basic to the most complex structures – all to IBC standards and to a degree of excellence that allows us to meet the stringent requirements as a City of Los Angeles licensed fabricator.

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