Steel Support Structure FAQs

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  • Is Steele Solutions familiar with California codes and regulations?

    Yes. We have designed many steel structures for installation in California. We are a City of Los Angeles licensed fabricator. We offer PE-stamped drawings for all 50 states and Canada, including California. Our on-staff professional engineers design to IBC codes, and AISC and CISC standards.

  • What finishes does Steele Solutions offer?

    Steele Solutions offers a variety of finishes. Galvanized finish is durable for outdoor use and non-climate controlled indoor environments. Our powder paint finish is the superior standard for steel structure finishes. we have two powder paint lines to ensure efficient project completion. When compared to urethane paint used by other manufacturers, powder coat painting provides several significant advantages:

    • Durability
    • Superior sheen
    • Color consistency
    • Strength
    • Reduced environmental impact

    Durability matters; as products are shipped cross-country and installed in place, it leaves many opportunities for paint damage. Powder paint is extremely strong. f the paint does need to be touched up, the process is quick, easy and looks like new.

  • What engineering and modeling software does Steele Solutions use?

    Our engineers use STAAD.Pro for modeling and analysis, AutoCAD for drafting and Tekla BIM software for 3D modeling.

  • Is Steele Solutions’ engineering software compatible with other software programs?

    Yes. Our software is compatible with many different software programs used by our customers. Through the approval drawing process, drawings are shared through Step Files that are imported and exported between each company. Our STADD.Pro and Tekla software is commonly integrated with SolidWorks, Revit, Inventor, to name a few.

  • Does Steele Solutions offer engineering and fabrication as separate services?

    No. We do not separate our services and costs. Our value to our customers is in providing the expertise in the custom design and fabrication as a silent partner. This is what allows Steele Solutions to be very competitive cost-wise and of great value to companies that historically have been outsourcing either of these services. We want our partners focused on their expertise — maintaining their profit margins, while allowing Steele Solutions to handle our expertise — supporting the process. Our expertise allows us to take your conceptual or CAD drawings and evaluate the best design solution for your steel support structure.

  • Does Steele Solutions provide floor/concrete analysis?

    No. Our expertise is in the design and fabrication of structural steel. Steele Solutions does not participate in any of the soil or concrete analysis.

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