Steel Support Structures for Plastics Processing Machinery

plastics processing equipment support structureSteele Solutions designs and fabricates steel structures for support of equipment and machinery uses in plastics processing.

Our steel support structures support equipment and machinery used for converting, extrusion, blending, coating, palletizing, recycling and film processes. Read more about structures for blown film processing.

Steele Solutions structures can support:

Accumulators • Air Quality Control
Blenders • Compressors • Converters
Collectors • Compounders • Dryers
Extruders • Feeders • Mixers
Pelletizers • Shredders • Silos
Tanks • Towers • Winders

Plastics Industry Magazine Interviews Steele Solutions

Read about us in the September 2017, issue of Plastics Machinery Magazine. The story, entitled “Scaling Up – Vertical Spacing Can Optimize Manufacturing,” starts on Page 21 of the issue. Click here for a direct link to that page in the digital magazine.

Blown Film Industry Equipment Support Structures

request a quoteWe provide steel support structures to the world’s leading blown film manufacturers. Our steel super structures support both mono and multi-layer extrusions for packaging, converting and laminating applications.

As structural support experts, we understand the plastic film extrusion process. Steele Solutions steel structures support several types of equipment:

Blown Film Extruders • Extrusion Lines • Associated Winders • Coating and Sheet Lines

OEMs and end users benefit from Steele Solutions’ single-source position – one price covers design consulting, engineering and fabrication of the support structure. Customers also benefit from our engineering expertise that allows us to be a City of Los Angeles licensed fabricator and that lets our structures be used in all seismic zones. Our design department excels at engineering that perfectly matches steel structures to the design of the equipment they support.

Our steel super structures help support blown film equipment in several markets including:

  • steel support structure CADAerospace
  • Agriculture, Lawn and Garden
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Consumer
  • Food and Beverage
  • Graphics and Labels
  • Health and Beauty
  • Health Care and Medical
  • Office Products
  • Packaging

Steele Solutions also fabricates catwalks, stairs, ladders and platforms for safe and convenient access to plastics processing equipment – all made to OSHA safety guidelines.

Contact Steele Solutions for steel structures for your plastics processing systems: 888-542-5099.