Buy Steel Support Structures from Steele Solutions

equipment support structuresThe best steel support structure offers strength and durability. To find the right one for your business, you need a steel support structure provider that can provide end-to-end support.

Steele Solutions is the preferred single-source supplier of engineered steel support and access structures. We provide industrial processing and distribution equipment used in a wide variety of industries. 

Our team works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering procurement contractors (EPCs), design/build contractors, and factory or industrial facility operators. In doing so, we can design and fabricate superior-quality steel process platforms, mezzanines, and other steel structures that support processes and people and provide safe access. 


What Are Steel Support Structures?

Steel support structures help businesses secure, store, and manage heavy loads at heights. 

What Are the Different Types of Supports Used in Structures?

The structures usually consist of I-beams. But, they can also consist of Z- or HSS-shape beams, rods, and plates. 

Hot or cold rolling techniques can be used to create supports in different shapes. In addition, these techniques can be utilized to weld bent or flat plates together. 

The Steele Solutions team can evaluate your structural requirements and plan accordingly. So, if your food and beverage business needs structural supports for bins, chillers, or other equipment, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you need structural supports constructed from high-grade steel, we can assist. 

What Are the Types of Structural Steel?

Support structures can consist of different types of steel, such as:

  • Carbon
  • High strength low alloy
  • Corrosion resistant high strength low alloy
  • Quenched and tempered alloy
  • Forged

Business support structures must be created according to a country’s standards. In the United States, ASTM International specifies standard alloys. 

At Steele Solutions, we tailor a steel structure to meet your specifications and expectations. First, we learn about your steel structure requirements. From here, we make a plan to provide you with the right structure for your application. If you have any concerns or questions as your steel structure project gets underway, we can address them, too. 

What to Expect When You Partner with Steele Solutions

discussion of mezzanine design

Steele Solutions combines engineering expertise with a thorough knowledge of your process equipment to design and fabricate steel structures and process platforms, including: 

  • Elevated Work Platforms 
  • Equipment Platforms
  • Super Structures 
  • Stair Towers
  • Building Structures 
  • Pipe Racking Catwalks 
  • Crossovers

From the most basic to the extremely complex, we manufacture engineered structures to support and access equipment and processes in a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • Material Handling 
  • Cement/Asphalt/Aggregate 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Mining 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Plastics 
  • Power Generation 
  • Pulp and Paper 
  • Recycling and Waste Management 
  • Wastewater Treatment 

As a single-source supplier, we provide our partners with concept consulting, engineering, fabrication, and delivery all in one package and at one cost. We offer:

  • Expert consultation to determine your exact needs
  • Design to IBC codes and AISC and CISC standards
  • City of Los Angeles licensed fabricator status
  • PE-stamped drawings and calculations for all 50 states, Canada, and beyond 
  • AWS- and CWB-certified welders
  • Automated powder paint lines
  • Hot-dipped galvanizing
  • Delivery to your installation site
  • Easy nut-and-bolt assembly
  • Drawings provided 
  • Referral to trusted installation partners if needed. 

Choose Steele Solutions to Design and Fabricate Your Steel Support Structure 

We can handle your steel support structure request. Call 888-542-5099 to discuss partnering with Steele Solutions for your steel support structure needs. To learn more about our support structure products and services, download our support structures brochure.