Steele Solutions Setting Production Records

by Kevin O'Neill

Just over a year ago Steele Solutions put in place the things needed to meet the increasing needs of our customers, and of new customers.

We acquired an additional building and equipped it with new machinery. We hired people at all levels, including a chief operating officer. We developed processes to improve the manufacturing and delivery flow.

It all gave us significantly more capacity to design and manufacture industrial mezzanines, work platforms and equipment platforms used in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses and elsewhere.

Now, we’re happy to report that in the past two months, April and May 2019, we set records for monthly production. That output keeps Steele Solutions as the leading mezzanine manufacturer in the U.S. We’re honored that systems integrators, building owners, facility managers and others continue to rely on us for custom-designed mezzanine systems and platforms manufactured at the highest quality.

Need a mezzanine, work platform, or platform to support industrial equipment? We have the capacity, the experience, and the desire to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Read the April 2018 story on our investment in production capacity.

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