Work Platforms for Material Handling & Manufacturing

work platformsSteele Solutions designs and fabricates elevated work platforms that support equipment used in material handling, manufacturing, and industrial processing settings. These structures are sometimes referred to as mezzanine platforms or mezzanine floors.

What are Work Platforms?

Industrial work platforms are used to lift or lower workers to the height they need to reach while completing tasks. Many are surprised to learn how much more productive employees can be when they’re lifted to the correct position. Nevertheless, increased productivity is just one key benefit of industrial steel platforms

When used properly, they can also help reduce the odds of workplace injuries and minimize worker fatigue. They’re frequently used in a number of industrial applications including packing and assembly, HVAC installations, and anywhere heavy machinery is operating. 

Industrial Work Platform Features

There are as many different types of industrial work platforms as there are tasks in the typical industrial work environment. Each variety of steel platform is designed with a different application in mind. 

For example, you might opt to install a platform to provide a machine operator with better access to their control panel. Such a platform may feature non-slip treads for better footing, handrails for stability, or an antimicrobial surface. No matter the demands of your unique industrial environment, there are steel platforms designed with your needs in mind.

Choosing the Right Work Platform

There are endless options and features available to you when choosing the right industrial work platform for your needs. As you shop around, consider the height and clearance you expect to maintain while using the steel platform. You’ll want to factor in worker convenience and ensure that the new platform will allow them enough space to complete their duties. Aesthetics may also come into play — choosing between painted finishes, anti-corrosive coatings, and galvanized steel can help you match your platform to your existing look.

Of course, safety should also be factored into your decision when purchasing an industrial steel platform. Handrails, locking mechanisms, and serrated edges can all help keep workers safe on the job. You’ll also want to ensure that your selection measures up to OSHA standards.

Work Platforms by Steele Solutions

We can design steel work platforms for a variety of industrial process industries, such as blown film, waste management and recycling, bulk material handling, and more. (See our support structures page for industries we serve.)

The design staff at Steele Solutions has extensive experience in the engineering aspects of elevated work platforms and mezzanine floors, and the settings those process platforms are used in, as well as prevailing codes and OSHA safety standards. We design for all seismic zones.

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See our decking page for information on surfaces for work platform decks and the finishes page for options on standard or custom finishes with colors to match a facility’s look or for safety visibility. We have two powder coat paint lines.

Steele Solutions also designs and manufactures a variety of accessories for elevated platforms when needed, including railings, gates, ladders, and stairs.

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