Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

storage mezzanines

Installation of warehouse mezzanines or elevated platforms is one of the most economical ways to create additional storage space in a facility with high ceilings.

A warehouse mezzanine system allows storing uniform or odd-size parts, merchandise, machinery, equipment, supplies or other bulk items at floor level as well as above, nearly doubling the storage capacity of the available floor space.

Industrial warehouse mezzanines are also ideal for supporting elevated offices. An elevated office frees up floor space for storage or production. It also allows oversight of operations on the floor.

See our gallery for storage mezzanine examples.

What is a Warehouse Mezzanine?

Warehouse mezzanine systems are elevated platforms installed between the ceiling and floor of an industrial space. They feature staircases that lead to different levels or to the top of the mezzanine. These free-standing steel structures are typically portable and easy to take apart and set up elsewhere. Warehouse mezzanines are a great way to use overhead space while decluttering the floor of a warehouse. Should you feel as though you’re outgrowing your workspace, mezzanines are a great solution.

Why Install a Warehouse Mezzanine?

Industrial warehouse mezzanines are great space savers, but that’s hardly the only perk of installing these useful, versatile systems. Since mezzanines can be customized for your specific needs, you won’t need to redesign your existing warehouse space. Instead, you can fit mezzanine structures around fixtures and machinery, storage spaces and offices. 

Warehouse mezzanine systems are designed to be sturdy, but they’re also ready for disassembly should you decide to move them elsewhere. That flexibility means you can reassemble them in a different configuration within a new space or make your mezzanine a permanent fixture. The choice is yours! 

Better inventory control is another key benefit of warehouse mezzanine systems. An overhead view can allow for greater insight into product quality and quantity. By moving inventory to a raised space, you’ll give your warehouse more room to breathe. It’s a great way to ensure accessible inventory while also maintaining literal oversight.

Tax Advantages of Warehouse Mezzanines

An additional advantage — when free-standing mezzanines and platforms are used — could be a tax benefit. Free-standing mezzanines and platforms are considered capital equipment, therefore the depreciation is quicker than the depreciation would be for a building addition.

When you “create space” with warehouse mezzanines or mezzanine platforms, you avoid the cost of a building addition and you could realize a tax advantage because free-standing steel structures are considered capital equipment and not part of the building. Thus, a faster depreciation of the steel structure can be realized.

Your Source for Industrial Warehouse Mezzanines

The benefits of industrial warehouse mezzanines are obvious. Highly customizable, portable, and space-saving, these structures are often the only missing component of busy workplaces. Allow Steele Solutions to show you the possibilities and help you create cost-effective and OSHA-compliant mezzanines. 

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