Mezzanines for Material Handling, Storage

steel mezzanine to support conveyor system

Four Main Types of Steel Mezzanines

Steele Solutions has expertise in the the four main types of steel mezzanines for industrial and commercial use, and mezzanine floors for distribution and fulfillment centers, and other material handling and storage applications:

  • Free standing — also known as a structural, steel, or wide-span mezzanine, these are commonly used in a wide variety of applications and offer great flexibility in set-up and restructuring, if needed. These steel structures are considered capital equipment rather than part of the building, and, thus, can be depreciated over a shorter period of time – providing tax advantages.
  • Building-supported – if a building is designed to support additional loads, its structure can be used to support a mezzanine or platform. A blended system can also be developed in which a steel structure is supported partly by the building structure and partly by columns – as long as the foundation can support the additional load. Steele Solutions can handle building-supported mezzanines without calling in a general contractor.
  • Rack supported – these platforms create a mezzanine level of usable space between existing storage racks, as long as the rack system can support the additional loads. Catwalks also can be installed in these situations.
  • Shelving-supported – ideal for storage of smaller items alongside existing shelving. This can be an economical way to make more efficient use of existing space. This type of structure is the least flexible in terms of reconfiguration.

types of mezzanines

The industrial mezzanine systems we manufacture are installed at major distribution and fulfillment centers throughout the U.S., supporting conveyor systems, storage platforms and other equipment used in material handling.

Our storage mezzanines are ideal for use in warehouses, factories and elsewhere, providing additional usable space in buildings with high ceilings.

See our Framing Guide to determine the type of mezzanine steel framing best suited for your application.

For easy and safe access to conveyor systems and other industrial equipment, catwalks from Steele Solutions are ideal. We offer ready-made 12-foot sections of catwalks in three widths, as well as custom catwalks that can be designed to perfectly fit a conveyor system. See more on our Catwalks page. We also design crossover bridges for safe access over conveyors and other equipment.

We are members of MHEDA – the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, MHI, and SMA – the Storage Manufacturers Association.

See our FAQ page for information on mezzanine height requirements, weight loads, and other details and requirements relating to steel structures.

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