Metal Deck Platforms For Your Business

A metal deck platform can provide a floor or roof. This steel deck platform is supported by beams or joists. As such, the platform offers immense strength and durability. 

Steel deck mezzanines are used for a variety of industrial applications. Common metal deck platform applications include:

  • Second-story offices
  • Storage decks
  • Work platforms

Steele Solutions is a leading provider of custom equipment platforms and mezzanines. We design and manufacture equipment platforms tailored to your requirements. Our team can help you find a top-of-the-line mezzanine deck solution that performs great.  

Why Is Steele Solutions a Top Choice for Steel Deck Platform Products?

Steel deck mezzanines are easy to find. But, not all of these mezzanines are created equal. To identify the right mezzanine deck, it pays to work with an expert metal deck platform provider. That way, you can learn about a wide range of steel deck platform products. Then, you can choose one that serves you well long into the future. 

When you work with Steele Solutions, you can get comprehensive insights into customized steel structures, how they work, and their advantages and disadvantages. Our team can educate you on all aspects of the steel structures we design. Plus, we encourage you to ask questions and learn as much as you can about our steel deck platforms. This allows you to get the insights you need to find the ideal metal mezzanine or platform for your needs. 




mezzanine roof decking

We provide a minimum 20-gauge steel Type B (wide rib) roof decking. Our engineers limit joist spacing, which is critical to the strong, solid feel that our mezzanines provide. We apply bright white paint to our roof decks. This enhances light reflectivity. It also reduces the amount of lighting needed to illuminate the workspace created under the mezzanine.


Floor Plate

mezzanine diamond plate deckingWe offer a 12-gauge diamond or checkered steel floor plate in conjunction with a steel roof deck or provide a ¼” floor plate directly over framing for heavy use applications. Diamond or checkered steel floor plates offer an outstanding combination of durability and safety. They are constructed from steel and can withstand constant travel and use by forklifts or other heavy-duty machinery. The diamond or checkered pattern makes these floor plates slip-resistant, so they are safe for foot travel.



Resindek decking We have partnered with mezzanine floor decking specialist ResinDek® to deliver durable and reliable decked steel structures. In many applications, ResinDek® can be the most economical decking solution. We often recommend ResinDek® over standard T&G plywood due to the quality and durability of ResinDek®.


Bar Grating

mezzanine, platform bar grating

Bar grating is commonly used decking for mezzanines, platforms, catwalks, and conveyor systems. Welded steel bar grating offers strength and reliability, and light and air can pass through. 

The benefits of bar grating can be significant. But, in most cases, roof deck and wood will be more economical than bar grating.

Also, bar grating won’t necessarily eliminate the need for sprinklers below. In most mezzanine applications, sprinklers are required by insurance carriers and building departments. Check your local codes regarding sprinklers.

Is a Steel Deck Platform Right for You?

Here are key questions to consider as you decide what type of decking is best for your work platform application: 

  • How is the structure being used? 
  • What is going on top? 
  • How is the material being moved or stored? 
  • Is it a wet environment? 
  • Is there an office being built on top? 
  • Are there any budget concerns that the end-user is facing?

Steel Solutions has friendly, knowledgeable work platform application specialists on staff. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about our customized steel structures. 

Learn More About Our Metal Work Platforms

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