Rails, Stairs, Gates, Ladders for Mezzanines

Complete your mezzanine, elevated platform or steel structure with mezzanine accessories engineered and fabricated to perfectly complement your structure.

mezzanine ladderOur line of accessories includes:

  • Hand rails and railings for industrial use and for settings that have public access
  • Stairs and stairways with or without landings
  • Ladders, including caged and vertical/ships
  • Gates, and safety gates, including swing, sliding and lift out
  • Catwalks and crossover bridges for safe, efficient access

Our accessories are all designed and built to prevailing codes. We design to IBC specifications and for requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as OSHA safety standards. OSHA standards regarding caged ladders that changed in November 2018.

Check out our FAQ page for details on stair run calculations, stair landings, the number of stairs, ladder cage requirements, hand rail vs. guard rail, and more.

Contact us for your mezzanine and platform accessory needs:

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