Take Advantage of Safe, Quality Mezzanine Framing

A steel frame mezzanine provides an intermediate floor in a building. The mezzanine features metal decking on the floor topped with concrete or plywood. It also requires mezzanine framing that consists of steel beams or columns.

Mezzanine framing is an important consideration. Each mezzanine beam must be constructed and installed with precision and care, according to safety regulations, codes, and industry standards. 

Steel Solutions offers first-rate equipment platforms and mezzanines for a wide range of applications. Our customized steel structures are designed and manufactured with safety and quality top of mind. Tell us what you want from your equipment platform or mezzanine, and we can provide you with personalized recommendations. From here, we can build a platform or mezzanine that is safe, durable, and made to last. 

Do You Need a Steel Frame Mezzanine?

A steel frame mezzanine can provide a great addition in a warehouse-style building. The mezzanine can increase a building’s floor space at a low cost per square foot. Plus, the mezzanine can be used as a second-story office, work platform, or storage deck. 

Framing plays a key role in the safety and effectiveness of a metal mezzanine. With proper framing, a mezzanine can fit within a building’s parameters. 

The Steele Solutions team prioritizes mezzanine framing. We review myriad mezzanine beam options as we plan for the construction and setup of equipment platforms. This allows us to determine the best course of action for safe and effective mezzanine framing

In addition, the steel structures we design are customized to our client’s needs. We ensure our framing for mezzanines is tailored to your building’s parameters and constructed and installed accordingly.

What Metal Framing Options for Mezzanines Are Available?

Our engineers use five types of framing designs for steel mezzanines and equipment platforms: 

  1. C-Section: This type of framing spans up to 20 feet. C-section frames are usually formed from flat structural steel and used in small to medium-size mezzanine applications. 
  2. Beam and C-Section: An I-beam and C-section combination allows spans of more than 20 feet in one direction and limits a mezzanine’s depth. It can be used in all types of mezzanine applications. 
  3. Beam and Beam: This framing option involves the use of a wide-flange beam. It is commonly used in mezzanine applications that involve heavy loads. 
  4. Beam and Bar Joist: This framing option is often used for medium to large mezzanine system projects where wide spans and high capacities are needed. 
  5. Bar Joist and Girder Joist: This setup is open-web in both directions. It is typically used in large projects or in large spans where high capacities are needed.

For more information, check out our framing guide below.

Mezzanine framing guide

Find the Right Framing Option for Your Equipment Platform or Mezzanine

Steele Solutions takes the guesswork out of framing for equipment platforms and mezzanines. Our team can teach you about various framing options and build a steel structure that matches your requirements. To learn more or request a free quote, please contact us online or call us today at 888-542-5099.