Framing for Steel Mezzanines, Equipment Platforms

Steele Solutions engineers use five types of framing designs for steel mezzanines and equipment platforms:

  • C-Section – Spans up to 20 feet. These spans are usually formed from flat structural steel and are typically used in small to medium-size mezzanine applications.
  • Beam and C-Section — An I-beam and C-section combination allows spans more than 20 feet in one direction, while keeping the depth of structure to a minimum. This combination can be used in all size mezzanine applications.
  • Beam and Beam – In this approach, all wide-flange beam design is used when heavy loading or unusual span are required.
  • Beam and Bar Joist — This system is used for medium to large mezzanine system projects were wide spans and high capacity are needed.
  • Bar Joist and Girder Joist – This set-up is open-web in both directions and is typically used in large projects or in large spans where high capacity is needed.

Mezzanine framing guide

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