How to Determine the Right Mezzanine, Platform Decking

by Kevin O'Neill

Wondering how to determine the appropriate decking solution for your work platform or mezzanine? At Steele Solutions, we offer a variety of deck surfaces. The surface best suited to your structure depends on how it will be used. Therefore, the first thing to consider is the application.

Following are key questions you should ask yourself to determine what type of decking is best for your mezzanine or work platform application.

  1. How is the structure being used?
  2. What is going on top?
  3. How is the material being moved or stored?
  4. Is it a wet environment?
  5. Is there an office being built on top?
  6. Are there any budget concerns that the end-user is facing?

Several options can be used to as decking solutions:

ResinDek®: Steele Solutions partners with the leader in work platform decking. ResinDek offers various panels that handle different capacities and finishes that will help add durability to the decking. Steele Solutions offers it in a ¾” thickness that gives a strong, solid feel that our work platforms provide and the end-user aspects. Typically, ResinDek® is the most economical decking choice.

Bar Grating: Commonly used for mezzanines, platforms, catwalks and with conveyor systems. Offers strength and reliability with the advantage of allowing light and air to pass through. Need to consider if any rolling stock will be used, since it will add more resistance to pallet jacks and carts.

Concrete: Great when used in a wet environment or for a permanent structure. Used also in heavy manufacturing or when fire and sound resistant is required. Concrete is supplied by others.

Floor Plate: Diamond plate or checkered steel floor plate offers an outstanding combination of durability and safety. As a steel product, these plates can withstand constant travel, use of heavy rolling stock and other machinery. The diamond or checker pattern makes this type of flooring slip-resistant and safe for foot traffic. We highly recommend painting the plates in the field if the application requires it.

Steele Solutions provides a minimum 20-gauge steel Type B (wide ribbed) roof decking for ResinDek®, concrete, and floor plate applications. 20-gauge offers a stronger, solid feel to the flooring that our customers require and expect. The “B” deck is painted bright white to enhance light reflectivity and helps reduce the amount of lighting needed to illuminate the new workspace created under the work platform.

Contact Steele Solutions to determine the best decking for your application.

Kevin O’Neill is president of Franklin, Wis.-based Steele Solution, which designs and fabricates steel mezzanines, work platforms and equipment platforms installed throughout the world.

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