Here’s How Steele Solutions Keeps the Focus on the Customer

by Kevin O'Neill

There are several ways the team at Steele Solutions works to understand and keep our customers’ needs at the forefront of our business. Combined with our extensive experience in mezzanines, work platforms and steel support structures, and with our engineering expertise, these approaches ensure that our customers enjoy the Steele Solutions Experience.

Unique Applications – By understanding the entire project, not just the mezzanine requirements, we are able to take into consideration dynamic loads of equipment and conveyor systems. A Steele Solutions mezzanine is a custom product – not an off-the-shelf standard SKU product.

Design capabilities and quality products are why we work with Steele Solutions. Their creativity and flexibility in designing to the existing facility footprint, adds value to Trammell and our customers,” says Kevin Wright, Trammell Equipment Company.

Column Spacing – Providing the correct column spacing to accommodate existing obstructions such as dock doors, office windows, sprinkler risers, etc., delivers the best solution; not over- or under-designing for the application. At the start of the design process, it is also important to understand the difference between design load vs. point load.

Load Requirements – Identify what the project’s load requirements are in order to design for the entire structure. The mezzanine may only need to accommodate heavy loads in certain areas; our design reflects such a need, in turn providing the best, most economical solution for the specific customer’s needs.

Schedule and Project Timing – Frequently our customers’ needs change during the lifecycle of a project. When projects get delayed, we work with the customer to shift the shipping schedule or look for storage options if the shipment is ready. We also work with our customers if materials need to be shipped in phases to accommodate job site or installation schedules.

3D Modeling – Steele Solutions has the ability to provide 3D modeling at approval. A 3D model illustrates a project in real life, providing a better perspective than a 2D rendering. 3D models make it easier to find interferences and address any potential challenges.

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Kevin O’Neill is president of Steele Solutions in Franklin, Wis. The company is the leader in the design and fabrication of steel mezzanines, work platforms and process equipment support structures, with installations throughout the world.

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