IOT, IIOT, Industry 4.0: The Digital Future of Business

by Kevin O'Neill

The Internet of Things (IOT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 are the digital evolution, transformation, growth and future of business.

The number of devices connected to, and communicating through, the Internet is exploding as we speak. Gartner reports, “6.4 billion devices connected to the Internet were used in 2016 – a 30% increase over 2015.”

Now consider, all these devices are communicating with each other as well as with the cloud. The amount of data being generated is inconceivable. The power lies in leveraging centralized data for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Controlling systems in our house
  • Routing vehicles on a worldwide transportation network
  • Anticipating customer demand
  • Transforming and leveraging the data by facilitating data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is driving efficiency and improving our lives.

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