How to Become an Expert in Mezzanine and Work Platform Sales

by Kevin O'Neill

The saying goes: knowledge is power, and Steele Solutions wants to arm our dealer partners with the information needed to become experts in mezzanine and work platform sales.

With this information, Steele Solutions dealers can become experts and avoid costly pitfalls when selling steel mezzanines, work platforms or other steel structures for material handling, storage or equipment support.

First, when initially discussing a project, try to visualize the structure in 3D to see where pitfalls may occur – this alleviates design changes and added “gottcha” costs after the fact.

Show your customers you are the expert with these helpful tips:

  • 1/3 Rule: Mezzanines cannot take up more than 1/3 of a fire contained area, otherwise it could be viewed as a second floor. A second floor could have several implications including tax liabilities, need for additional restrooms and other restrictions.
  • Deck Surface: Roof deck and Resindek is the most cost effective, while bar grating is a more expensive option. Learn more about deck surfaces.
  • Obstructions: Look for potential obstructions like building columns, machinery, piping, etc.
  • Number of Stairs: As a rule of thumb, any mezzanine over 2,000 square feet requires two stairways (always check with local building officials).
  • Clear Height vs. Top of Deck: Pick the more critical one, this allows Steele Solutions to design the most cost efficient solution.
  • 12’0” Top of Deck: Try to keep mezzanine floor at or below 12’0” to alleviate an intermediate stair platform. As a reference point, 10’ 6” clear will keep you below 12’
  • Column Spacing: Let us design the most economical solution. Advise up front if there are specific obstructions or requirements.
  • IBC Stairs: Stairs are longer than you think and can be difficult to position. Be sure to ask how the stair is being used and look for obstructions. TIP: Keep in mind the 7:11 rise/run ratio. As an example: 12’ top of deck stair with a top landing requires 22’ 6” for straight stair run.

See our mezzanine FAQs for more details on the above, and let us know if you have a mezzanine or work platform question you’d like us to add to the FAQ section.

Building strong relationships with your customers is critical to business success.  As your business partner, Steele Solutions takes pride in providing you accurate and economical quotes. We are here to make you successful, please contact us with any questions or concerns, 888-542-5099.

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