Crossover Bridges for Your Business

A crossover bridge can boost workplace productivity. It allows workers to quickly and safely walk from one section of an industrial workplace to another. 

Steele Solutions designs customized steel structures that allow safe and easy access over a conveyor system, processing equipment, or other machinery. Our crossover bridges enhance efficiency in material handling, warehouse, storage, and manufacturing settings. From simple convenience for maintenance to egress for employee safety, we provide crossover bridges that meet your requirements. 

What Is a Crossover Bridge?

conveyor crossover

A crossover bridge is commonly used in a work area where conveyors, machines, pipes, and other potential workplace hazards are present. The bridge provides a walkway that workers can use to avoid coming into contact with potential workplace hazards. 

We can install crossover bridges in work areas where limited space is available. Constructed from steel, they offer immense strength and durability.  

Steele Solutions provides crossover bridge products and services that blend functionality and safety. We offer the following crossover bridge configurations and designs

  • Type 1: At conveyor or equipment height, with up and down access via vertical ladders and handrails across the equipment being traversed. See Type 1 example.
  • Type 2  At conveyor or equipment height, with stairways to the crossover area and handrails the full length of the crossover. See Type 2 examples.
  • Type 3: Over the conveyor or equipment, with up and down access via a ship’s ladder and railings the full length, with a deck enhanced with toe boards. The ladders can be angled or vertical. See Type 3 examples. 
  • Type 4: Over the conveyor or equipment, with up and down access via treaded stairs, a full railing system, and toe-boarded deck. See Type 4 examples. Type 4 crossovers are generally used where the public has access or where the crossover is the primary route for workers.

Our crossover bridges are designed and fabricated in accordance with Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) guidelines. We follow these guidelines carefully to ensure that you can receive a crossover bridge that consistently performs as expected. 

Also, our crossover bridges are created keeping our customers’ needs top of mind. We work diligently to provide our customers with crossover bridges that offer superior quality and engineering. And, our crossover bridges are backed by our friendly and knowledgeable team. If you have concerns or questions about our crossover bridges or other steel structures, we’re happy to respond to them. 

Shop Our Crossover Bridge Stairs 

Along with crossover bridge products and services, we supply crossover bridge stairs. Our crossovers can be designed with straight-over access. In addition, you can choose from H-, L-, U-, or Z-shaped stair and platform configurations. 

To determine which crossover bridge stairs are ideal, we learn about your steel structure requirements. Initially, we learn about your workspace and identify a crossover bridge that fits your space. Next, we help you select the suitable stairs and tread type for your bridge.  

Check Out Our Crossover Bridge Products and Services 

Steele Solutions is a leading provider of steel structures. We do what’s necessary to provide you with crossover bridges that will serve you well long into the future. To learn more about our crossover bridges or request a quote, please contact us online or call us today at 888-542-5099.