Crossovers Designed for Efficient, Safe Access

conveyor crossoverSteele Solutions, Inc., designs customized steel structures that allow safe and easy access over machinery, such as a conveyor system or processing equipment. These crossover bridges enhance efficiency in material handling, warehouse, storage or manufacturing settings, from simple convenience for maintenance to egress for employee safety.

We fabricate four different types of industrial crossovers, following the guidelines of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA):

  • CEMA Type 1 – at conveyor or equipment height, with up and down access via vertical ladders and hand rails across the equipment being traversed. See Type 1 example.
  • CEMA Type 2 –at conveyor or equipment height, with stairways to the cross-over area and handrails the full length of the crossover. See Type 2 examples.
  • CEMA Type 3 – over the conveyor or equipment, with up and down access via a ship’s ladder and railings the full length, with a deck enhanced with toe boards. The ladders can be angled or vertical. See Type 3 examples.
  • CEMA Type 4 – over the conveyor or equipment, with up and down access via treaded stairs, a full railing system and toe-boarded deck. See Type 4 examples.  Type 4 crossovers are generally used where the public has access or where the crossover is the primary route for workers.

Crossovers can be designed with straight-over access, or H-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped or Z-shaped stair and platform configurations. See the Crossover Configuration Page for design examples.

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