Industrial Catwalk Construction for Your Business

Industrial Catwalks Serve As Elevated Walkways for Safe Access

An industrial catwalk offers a walkway for industrial workers and equipment. The catwalk provides workers with safe, convenient access to conveyor systems in material handling settings. It also is an ideal solution for access to industrial equipment, including tanks, hoppers, silos, industrial processing equipment, and sortation systems.

Steele Solutions is the leading industrial catwalk provider. Our catwalks and other steel structures support conveyor systems and storage at major national retailers and distribution and fulfillment companies across the United States. They are used by companies of all sizes, along with government and military entities.

We design and manufacture catwalk platforms used in distribution, fulfillment, and sortation centers.  Our equipment platforms and mezzanines support our customers’ goals to be the best in their respective industries.

Pre-Assembled, Ready-to-Ship Catwalk Platforms

For material handling or industrial applications, we offer pre-assembled steel catwalk sections and custom-engineered catwalks.

A pre-assembled catwalk platform serves as more than just a standard walkway. The catwalk includes a universal platform, tower support, handrails, and metal stairs. Together, these components ensure your workers can safely and easily get from point A to point B.

Prefabricated catwalks, also called elevated walkways, come in 12-foot sections, comparable to common conveyor section lengths. Width options are 24, 30, and 36 inches.

These pre-assembled catwalk sections are easy to install, with a simple 4-bolt connection.

Sections can be easily cut onsite to achieve a total length shorter than complete multiples of 12 feet or to accommodate turns.

Purchase Custom-Designed Steel Catwalks & More

For applications where pre-assembled catwalks are not feasible, Steele Solutions can custom-design a catwalk system for any need.

Customized steel structures can be difficult to design and manufacture. Steele Solutions understands there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all catwalk for all businesses. We listen and respond to your catwalk requirements and expectations. From here, we make a plan to help you get the right catwalk for your business.

Our team crafts structural drawings of where your catwalk has to be installed. The drawings include details about the positioning of the catwalk.

We consider the elevation of the principal structure, along with the required elevation of the walkway surface. This helps us design and install your catwalk in alignment with your business needs.

Additionally, we consider your catwalk’s load-bearing capacity. The design of your catwalk ultimately depends on how your workers will use it. Therefore, understanding your load-bearing capacity requirements is critical for us to design and construct a safe catwalk for your employees.

Our custom-designed catwalk platforms can be suspended from a structure or self-supporting. The platforms can be hung from a ceiling or supported from the floor or adjacent structures, including racks. They are designed for fast, seamless installation in hard-to-reach spaces.

We construct our steel catwalk systems in accordance with OSHA standards. That way, your employees can use our catwalks to safely work at elevation.

The steel structures we design also include thick-gauge steel. You’ll notice the difference in the structural stability of a Steele Solutions catwalk.

In addition, we use a flat-bottom design in our catwalks. This gives you the flexibility to use ceiling-hung drops wherever you choose.

Browse Catwalk Construction Accessories For Your Business

Complete your catwalk system with railings, gates, and ladders or stairways from Steele Solutions.

We supply catwalk accessories for companies of all sizes and across all industries. Our catwalk accessories meet OSHA safety standards and building codes for industrial, manufacturing, commercial, or military facilities.

See our project gallery for more catwalk pictures or download our catwalks information sheet.

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