Industrial Catwalks, Elevated Walkways for Safe Access

ceiling-hung catwalkCatwalks from Steele Solutions are your best solution for conveyor and equipment access. Call 888-542-5099 to order now.

Our catwalks are engineered and fabricated to be highly durable. We use the same, thicker-gauge steel that we use in our high quality platforms and mezzanines. You’ll notice the difference with the structural stability of a Steele Solutions steel catwalk.

Steel catwalks can be ceiling-hung, or supported from the floor or adjacent structures, including racks.

We use a flat-bottom design that gives you the flexibility of ceiling-hung drops wherever needed.

With ladders or stairways, Steele Solutions catwalks also can be used for safe, convenient access over equipment.

Pre-assembled, Ready-to-Ship Catwalks

floor-supported catwalkFor material handling or industrial applications, we offer pre-assembled steel catwalk sections as well as custom-engineered catwalks.

Prefabricated catwalks, also called elevated walkways, come in 12-foot sections, comparable to common conveyor section lengths. Width options are 24, 30 and 36 inches.

These preassembled catwalk sections are easy to install, with a simple 4-bolt connection.

Sections can be easily cut onsite to achieve a total length shorter than complete multiples of 12 feet, or to accommodate turns.

Custom Designed Catwalks

For applications where pre-assembled catwalks are not feasible, Steele Solutions can custom design a catwalk system for any need.

Along with access to conveyor systems in material handling settings, metal catwalks are ideal solutions for access to industrial equipment, including tanks, hoppers, silos, industrial processing equipment and sortation systems.


Complete your catwalk system with railings, gates and ladders or stairways from Steele Solutions.

Our catwalk design meets OSHA safety standards and prevailing building codes for industrial, manufacturing, commercial or military facilities.

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