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Steel Mezzanine, Work Platform Insights | Blog

How Millennials & Baby Boomers Can Work Together

Millennials and baby boomers can work together if they understand their differences. They have different lifestyles and outlooks on life because they grew up in two different worlds. Everyone must be educated on the perceived…

Parcel Shipping to Expand Through 2018

Parcel shipments will increase by at least 20% by 2018.  Parcel shipping has a direct effect on business and new and improved technologies will provide businesses to optimize their parcel shipping operations, maximize efficiency…

How to Field Measure for Mezzanine Siting

It is important to take look at the real conditions of a project site when planning for installation of a steel mezzanine or work platform for material handling, storage or processing equipment support. This is…

Will 3D printing change the supply chain industry?

3D printing is expected to impact supply chain companies focused on providing service parts.  When something is broken within the supply chain fixing it can be slow and involve obscure parts not typically in…

Is It a Mezzanine or a Work Platform?

What is the difference between a mezzanine and a work platform? A mezzanine is a permanent intermediate level within a building that is part of its physical structure; e.g., a partial story between two…

How to Become an Expert in Mezzanine, Work Platform Sales

The saying goes: knowledge is power, and Steele Solutions wants to arm our dealer partners with the information needed to become experts in mezzanine and work platform sales. With this information, Steele Solutions dealers can become…

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Learn more about mezzanines, work platforms and other steel structures, and about trends in the material handling and industrial processing markets from our blog posts by Steele Solutions President Kevin O’Neill. Check out the blog archives for helpful advice on structure selection, siting and applications.