Steele Solutions Inc. and Tiffin Metal Products Merge to Create Supply Chain Solutions Leader

Steele Solutions Inc. (SSI), leader in the design and manufacturing of highly complex work platform solutions for distribution facilitates and Tiffin Metal Products (TMP), established leaders in custom chute systems for distribution and manufacturing facilities have combined to create a new company offering greater scale, innovation and benefits for our employees and customers.

Equipment Platform vs Mezzanine

Precise language can make all the difference when comparing two things. In commercial and industrial settings, the words mezzanine and equipment platform are often used interchangeably. While swapping one phrase for another might not…

Mezzanine Storage: Here’s What You Need to Know

A platform can be used to increase storage space at an industrial or commercial facility. Several mezzanine storage options are available, and choosing the right one can be difficult.  Steele Solutions is the top…

What is a Mezzanine Floor? Definition, Uses & More

What is a Mezzanine Floor? An industrial mezzanine floor is not considered a building floor. Rather, it is a midway point between two floors within a floor and ceiling.  Industrial mezzanine floors can be…

Knockdown Stairs

Steele Solutions Inc. has committed to utilizing a new design for our standard IBC and OSHA Round Rail Stair and will be rolling out a similar modification for Square Rail designs soon. The new standard stair design is referred to as a Knockdown Stair. This new design has some key differences from the previous design, and they offer many benefits to the end-user.

How to Commoditize Work Platforms

When searching for a product, buyers and project managers look for the easiest and cheapest solution: a commodity product. Commodity solutions for large scale material handling projects would expedite the project and decreased expenses. To make a work platform a commodity product, project managers and project engineers need to answer the following questions, and make sure all the answers are the same for each project they work on.

Thanks to Our Employees

Our dedicated employees are a key to the success of Steele Solutions. We work hard to make both of our locations great places to work – where employees know their contributions are valued and…

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