All C-Section Mezzanine Design Available

by Kevin O'Neill

Steele Solutions offers an all c-section mezzanine design. The c-section design provides a more cost effective option for smaller-scale mezzanine systems.

The all c-section mezzanine design offers a 20% cost savings from a standard beam/c-section design while maintaining the strength and integrity of the moment connection.

The moment connection is a method of connecting structural members to a column so the moment force is offset with opposite structural members, minimizing the moment force that is transmitted to the floor. The connection resists lateral and vertical loads induced into a structure during normal operations and/or seismic events.

The c-section design is an evolution of standard shear tab concepts along with technological advancements incorporating the moment design practice. Other firms offer a c-section design, but cannot minimize the moment forces to the floor, so those designs require footings, additional calculations and analysis by the customer.

The Steele Solution design connection is made at the top of the supporting column, rather than the base of the column. Our design and calculations account for the moment, leaving the customer only to validate the vertical column loads and base shear values.

The all c-section design has other features and benefits, such as the members themselves are lighter, allowing for easier installation and handling in the field. A 20’ c-section could be handled by two installers without the use of a forklift during installation. In addition, the design allows for easier calculations for our customers when determining floor loading and the need for footings. The material is a stocked item and formed in house, allowing more timely response to customer needs.

“This new, revolutionary design adds a cost effective component to the Steele Solution standard beam-to-tube design in applications that do not warrant its capacity,” said Terry Young, vice president–engineering, at Steele Solutions. “Unlike the majority of our competitors, the Steele Solutions design is a fully bolted style of connection, with loads being transferred directly into the column tube for a clean analysis.”

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